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Hydroponics with COVE

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Learn about the beneficial relationship between plants and animals through your Back to the Roots water garden.

The Hydroponic tank is a simple and fun example of closed-loop farming, a recirculating system and Integrated multi-tropic agriculture. Demonstrating the combination of growing plants in water through hydroponics and raising aquatic animal in tanks through aquaculture. Both systems work together, the plants cleaning the water for the fish within the tank and the waste produced by the fish gets converted into plant food, this helps achieve the final goal of healthy plants and healthy fish. The Hydroponic Program includes a "Back to the Roots" self-cleaning fish tank that has a tray on top to grow plants such as herbs and sprouts. It also includes a coupon for a beta fish to put into the tank and two resource books produced by the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE). Setting up Aquaponics Kit Taking Making into Classrooms: Ocean Toolkit: Taking making into the classroom - Ocean Toolkit Taking making into the classroom - Ocean Toolkit (French) Wave of the Future: Sustainable Blue Economy Resource Book: Wave of the Future Wave of the Future (French) Grade 7 Aquaponics Lessons: Grade 7 - Aquaponics Lesson 1 Grade 7 - Aquaponics Lesson 2 *Suitable for Grade 4, Grade 7 & Grade 8 curriculums.

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