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Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month

March in Canada is a celebration of agriculture across the country.

Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month (CALM) is an engaging experiential opportunity that encourages students from K to 12 in all 10 provinces to learn about and celebrate Canada’s incredible agriculture and food story. By connecting classrooms with farmers and people with a passion for agriculture and food, students and teachers learn firsthand about this sector through the incredible story shared by the volunteer visiting with them!


“This is amazing! ... We loved the program and I’m eager to do it again next year if it’s offered”


Each year in the month of March, we will be engaging with students across the province through hands on activities, speakers and programming. There are opportunities both provincially and nationally during CALM, so many ways to engage students in agriculture education.

2024 offerings

Agriculture in Art teacher resource (Grades 3-8) 


Mystery Seed Kit (Grades 5-7) email for registration. Supplies are limited!


All The Farmers You May Know book (Grades K-4) email for registration. Supplies are limited!

Contact us today to register for CALM 2024 programs

The Agriculture in the Classroom New Brunswick (AITC-NB) photo contest, held throughout the month of March to coincide with Canadian Agricultural Literacy Month (CALM), invites participants to visually capture the essence of agriculture in our province. This exciting contest provides an opportunity for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to showcase their creativity and appreciation for agriculture through the lens of their camera. Whether you're a seasoned photographer or just starting out, whether you're drawn to picturesque landscapes, farm traditions, or the faces behind the farming community, this contest offers a platform to share your unique perspective on agriculture. By participating, you not only have the chance to showcase the beauty and diversity of agriculture but also to contribute to agricultural literacy by raising awareness of the importance of agriculture in our daily lives. Join us in celebrating our province's rich agricultural heritage and the vital role it plays in sustaining our communities and economy through the art of photography!


Food Photos
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