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Little Green Thumbs

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

A Little Green Thumbs (LGT) garden is an indoor classroom gardening program which creates dynamic learning opportunities for teachers and students by supporting them to grow food in their classrooms.

Gardens are living laboratories, a place where students can apply and learn real-life STEM (Science- Technology- Engineering- Math) skills. Not only are gardens excellent teaching tools for building STEM understanding, a classroom garden fosters the ‘21st century skills’ needed to thrive in an evolving society and workplace. These skills are critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

We invest in the success of our teacher participants. We believe that gardens are an invaluable engagement tool and we want to ensure you feel supported to utilize your garden to the fullest. All LGT teachers must attend a training with their local host organization. If you are unable to continue with your LGT garden, the teacher who will receive your garden must also complete the LGT teacher training.

The LGT program is considered a 3-year investment. For these 3 years, you will receive replacement supplies for your garden. After that time there will be leadership opportunities for teachers passionate about Little Green Thumbs.

Teachers interested in the program can reach out to AITC-NB at

Application are submitted in the spring.

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