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Spuds in the Tub

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

A summertime project for daycares, afterschool programs, and summer camps.

New Brunswick is an international leader in potato production. Our climate and topography are perfect for growing potatoes. With generations of experience, and state of the art technology, NB has cultivated a thriving industry.

“Potatoes are a culturally significant crop in New Brunswick. What better way to connect students to the story of the people of New Brunswick than by learning how to grow, harvest and enjoy potatoes”

Through the generous support of Potatoes NB, students across the province are growing potatoes. Watching the process from seed to harvest brings a deeper connection to this culturally important crop. To accommodate our growing season, we are working with after school programs, summer camps and multicultural associations.

At the end of the season, students will participate in a harvest celebration. Watching their seeds grow, tending their crop and then enjoying a meal from the fruits of their labour brings a full circle, engaging experience to the next generation of New Brunswickers.

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